Sleep Science HQ

Improve your sleep

Wake up feeling refreshed and energized every day!

Sleep Science HQ wakes you gently and helps you track and improve your sleep.

Tired of being jarred awake? Sleep Science HQ provides a beautiful library of over 750 high-resolution stereo recordings and uses proprietary algorithms to wake you during your lightest sleep phase.

With Sleep Science HQ, you can also create your own perfect wake-up sequence of up to 6 different natural sounds. Imagine the change in your day after waking up feeling well-rested and full of energy.

Do you want to understand your sleep? Sleep Science HQ tracks your sleep each night so you can improve your sleep. You can compare your sleep to your personal sleep goal, and view trends of your sleep over weeks, months and years.

Would you like to learn what impacts your sleep? Sleep Science HQ makes entering notes about changes in your daily or bedtime routines easy. You can even record your dreams.

Not sure what wakes you up? Sleep Science HQ records the loudest sound during the night so you can discover what wakes you.

From the creators of popular Rain Sounds HQ, White Noise HQ and Sleep Sounds HQ sleep apps, we’ve packed all this capability into a simple and beautiful app that works!