Sleep Science HQ Features

Sleep Science HQ uses proprietary algorithms to monitor and track your sleep, waking you up at just the right moment with beautiful natural recordings.

  • Over 750 natural wake-up sounds recorded on location around the world.
  • Wake-up sequences of up to 6 different sounds, with play time, strobe and vibration options.
  • Gentle wake up during light sleep, 0-30min before your alarm time.
  • Graphs that show your sleep and wake activity during the night.
  • Log and graphs of your actual sleep time vs your personal sleep goal.
  • Daily notes for recording dreams and changes to bedtime routines.
  • Sleep graphs over weeks/months/years that show sleep statistics, trends and notes.
  • Capture of the loudest sound during the night.
  • Modern easy-to-use interface, optimized to promote restful sleep and gentle wake up.
  • 22 sound categories, including: Rain, Ocean, Rivers & Streams, Crickets, Wind Chimes, Lakes, Wind, Water Fountains, Fire, Birds, Animals, Cars, Trains & Planes, Public Places, Household, Bells, Industrial, Soundscapes, Drums and more…